Sportingbet view: Arsenal

Our official betting partner Sportingbet take a look at the odds on offer for tonight’s Carling Cup third round tie against Arsenal at the Lane…

One of English football’s great rivalries is renewed on Tuesday night after the Carling Cup hat saw fit to draw Spurs v Arsenal at the first attempt this season, and the home side are 65 favourites to repeat their 200708 success.

That 5-1 drubbing at the Lane lives on fondly in Spurs fans’ memories and with Arsene Wenger surely set to stick with the kids in this competition, who’s to say there can’t be a repeat showing of that 1001 shot?

Much will depend on what kind of side Harry Redknapp selects now that Tottenham share their rival’s Champions League consideration, situs judi online but the inevitable Gunners’ youngsters are 1910 with Sportingbet.

The draw at 90 minutes could be a worthy punt if you think we’re in for a tight encounter on Tuesday night, with 2310 on offer for the prospect of extra time. And if you consider it a close enough contest, perhaps the To Qualify market is for you, where Spurs are 1320 and Arsenal 1110 to reach the Fourth Round.

If on the other hand it’s another Gunner-thumping you fancy, you can take your pick from 3-0 201, 3-1 161 or even 4-1 401 for some tastier prices.

Expect some squad players to do the business for Spurs? Tip Giovani to be First Goalscorer at 71 or else back the likes of Sandro 251 and Niko Kranjcar 81 in the same market.

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Blandford, who founded online bookmakers Sportingbet, also thinks that Tom Scudamore has a good chance on The Giant Bolster.

“I think Bobs Worth will win it,” said Blandford, this morning.

“It does look quite an open race but I think he’s the class horse.”

Herefordshire trainer Venetia Williams has 66-1 shots Katenko and Houblon Des Obeaux in the big race, which starts at 3.20pm on Friday.

Blandford added: “The other Herefordshire connection for the Gold Cup is Tom Scudamore riding The Giant Bolster and he’s a good horse. It’s quite telling that he’s 16-1 in the pricing.”

Eight-time champion jockey Peter Scudamore revealed his favourite for the Gold Cup at last week’s ‘From the horse’s mouth’ pre-Cheltenham Festival evening at the Castle House in Hereford.

There was disappointment at the festival yesterday Tuesday for Checkley owner Stewart Williams when King Massini was unseated his rider in the Baylis and Harding Handicap Chase.

CrownBet Could Rebrand as Sportingbet after William Hill Australia Takeover

Australian online sports betting operator CrownBet might rebrand as Sportingbet after buying William Hill’s Australian business, local news outlet The Australian reports. CrownBet was recently acquired by Canadian gambling giant The Stars Group, the parent company of online poker room PokerStars that purchased British operator Sky Betting & Gaming earlier this year.

First news about the future rebranding of the betting company emerged in April, when The Stars Group’s CEO, Rafi Ashkenazi, said that CrownBet Chief Matt Tripp intended to change the name of the combined CrownBetWilliam Hill Australia entity. According to The Stars Group estimates, the newly merged business could create gross cost synergies of about A$50 million by 2020.

British bookmaker William Hill entered the Australian gambling market in 2013 when it acquired Sportingbet’s local business, which also included the Centrebet and Tom Waterhouse brands, for £459.4 million. Early in 2018, William Hill announced that it was reviewing its Australian operations and it was considering a sale.

The sale was confirmed late in February, when CrownBet was selected as the winning bidder. Paddy Power, bet365, and Ladbrokes, too, bid for William Hill’s Australian entity. It was announced at about the same time that Canada’s The Stars Group was buying a 62% stake in CrownBet from Australian casino operator Crown Resorts. It was understood several weeks later that the Canadian gambling group has increased its interest in CrownBet to 80%.

While CrownBet has not confirmed yet that it would be rebranded as Sportingbet, it is believed that that name would be chosen due to Tripp’s prevous involvement with the brand. situs judi bola The executive and his family were actually the founders of the sports betting business.

He has recently told The Australian that his father was delighted and extremely happy that the Sportingbet business was back in the family.

CrownBet’s acquisition of William Hill’s Australian business created the nation’s third largest online sports betting operator, with Tabcorp, which recently merged its operations with rival Tatts in an A$11 billion deal, and Paddy Power’s Sportsbet being the two largest.

It is interesting to note that Sportsbet was once owned namely by Tripp and the success of the brand could, to a great extent, be attributed to his stewardship. He bought it in 2005 for A$250,000 to sell it nearly six years later to Paddy Power for the amount of A$338 million. As mentioned above, Sportsbet has meanwhile grown into one of the top operators into the highly competitive Australian sports betting field.

As mentioned, CrownBet is yet to comment on the planned rebranding of its business. The company told The Australian that it would disclose further details in due course but only after it had notified its customers about all future changes related to the major gambling operator, its branding, and its operations.

The Mouthpiece: Legal challenges of expanded sports betting

This is The Mouthpiece, a guest contribution by Martin Owens. If you would like to submit a contribution please contact Bill Beatty for submission details. Thank you.

Part one: Why Legislators Need Horse Sense

The big problem with widely publicized Supreme Court decisions is that people insist on reading all sorts of things into the decision. Things that would be nice to have, but simply aren’t there.

The first thing to remember about the Supreme Court decision in Murphy v NCAA ,is that it did not, repeat NOT actually legalize sports betting throughout the United States, as some seem to be claiming. What the decision did is to remove a Federal obstacle to states legalizing sports betting, if they so wish. That bears repeating: if they so wish. No state has to license sports betting. State governments maintain their plenary power over gambling. English translation – state governments can do anything they like with, to, or about gambling, so long as they don’t actually violate established constitutional protections in doing so.

A National Betting Regime?

But the Justices were careful to leave open the possibility that the Federal government can at any time choose to promulgate a national gambling policy and regulatory structure. In which case, agen sbobet the Federal rules would take precedence over most if not all state rules on the subject. Such an arrangement would be very appealing to both domestic and foreign gaming operators, and overseas regulators as well. For it would mean only one set of rules to follow, rather than threading a path through the vagaries of dozens of different state laws.

And such Federal intervention is still possible. Sen. Orrin Hatch R-UT is already working on legislation that will put legalized sports betting under Washington’s supervision. Political handicappers hold out little hope that such a bill would pass this year, however. Control of the House of Representatives is at stake, with many races predicted to be close. No candidate is liable to risk bad PR over a bill about Wicked Gambling, one of the stock boogie-men of American political theater. Sports betting in very particular has a bad history. The scandal involving baseball players taking payoffs to throw the World Series is still vividly remembered, even though it took place all the way back in 1919. It is an article of faith among proponents of public virtue that gambling is corrosive to the purity of American sport, and needs to be tightly controlled where it cannot be forbidden altogether.

Nevertheless, the door has been opened. And any state that wishes to walk through will have to depend on its legislators to get it right. And that means a series of decisions on policy, logistics, and everything else related to sports betting will have to be made, mostly under very challenging circumstances.


Sports betting is coming. Here’s what it looks like in the U.K.

LONDON — Dotted among the fried-chicken joints, pawn shops and Eastern European grocery stores on the main street of London’s East Ham neighborhood, the ubiquity of one type of outlet might seem alien to American visitors.

NBC News counted 15 betting shops while wandering a 1.3-mile stretch of High Street North on a recent afternoon.

“Residents hate it,” said Julianne Marriott, who represents the area on theLondon Borough of Newham’s council. “There are very few people who think it’s a good thing.”

With the industry changing rapidly within the U.K. — due largely to the advent of apps and online betting — it’s unclear what the world of sports gambling will look like even a few years from now.

But following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last month to strike down a federal law that required states to ban gambling on the outcome of sporting events, Britain’s £13.8 billion-a-year betting industry $18.4 billion may offer a glimpse into America’s future.

There are 8,351 betting shops across the U.K. They take bets on a range of sporting events, including soccer, cricket, rugby and horse racing, as well as the NFL and Major League Baseball.

High Street North in East Ham made national headlines in 2013 for having the highest proliferation of bookmakers of any place in the U.K.

Advertisements for gambling brands are also common during televised sporting events, agen piala dunia with some promoting the opportunity to place real-time bets on things that may happen seconds later.

But the adrenaline rush that comes with having money riding on a goal or a touchdown isn’t the whole story.

Britain’s Gambling Commission regulator in 2017 suggested that the number of problem gamblers had risen by about one-third, to 430,000 people, in just three years. The U.K. has a population of around 66 million.


Mark Potter, 37, a former professional rugby player, says his gambling addiction started with a visit to a so-called high-street bookmaker — the legal shops that appear on Britain’s equivalent of Main Street.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was that I sold my wife’s engagement ring and sold my kids’ stuff to gamble with,” Potter told NBC News.

Potter says that “very low point” was preceded by “stealing money, and getting arrested for committing fraud.” He also lost his job.

“I carried on betting, that didn’t make me want to stop,” said Potter, who lives in the northwest of England and now works for a company that educates athletes about the risk of gambling. “If you’re a problem gambler, you’ll always find a way to place a bet.”

Those issues have been exacerbated by another modern trend in the industry. Despite high-street bookies being a traditional hub for sports betting since the 1960s, most are now dominated by highly addictive fixed-odds betting terminals.

A type of electronic slot machine, the betting terminals are accused of targeting some of the most vulnerable people in British society and contributing to the growing number of problem gamblers.

Peter Nicholls Image: Fixed odds betting terminalsCustomers are currently able to bet up to £100 $133 every 20 seconds playing virtual games of roulette or bingo on fixed-odds betting terminals. The U.K. government last month announced that the maximum stake would be reduced from £100 to £2 in 2019.

Six Ways 7-Card Stud is Different From No-Limit Hold’em



  • Considering six important ways fixed-limit stud games play differently from no-limit hold’em.
  • Seven-card stud is very different from no-limit hold’em, and not just because stud is a limit game.
  • The World Series of Poker is now in full swing. With it comes a renewed interest in games other than no-limit hold’em. Those of us who fancy stud games like seven-card stud, seven-card stud hi-lo, and razz finally have a venue where these games are spread regularly as cash games, tournaments, or as part of mixed-game rotations like H.O.R.S.E.

    Poker has been dominated by no-limit hold’em for the past 15 years or so. Accordingly, some players view the shorter fields in the stud events and see an improved opportunity for cashing or winning a bracelet event. But since they themselves may not have played much or any stud, they might not have considered the strategic differences between the games.

    For those of you relatively new to stud, poker indonesia let me devote this column to some of the broader strategic differences between the no-limit hold’em game you’re familiar with and seven-card stud.

    1. Stud is played as a limit game

    Limit poker is very different from no-limit. The size of the bet is fixed in limit poker, typically an early round bet third and fourth streets being exactly half of a latter round bet fifth, sixth, and seventh streets. For example, in a hand played during the 100200 level of a stud tournament, the first two rounds of betting may only be in increments of 100, while the latter rounds are limited to increments of 200.

    This difference alters strategy in a few ways. Since no-limit games can have a bet that ranges from the size of the large blind to the size of your entire stack, the implied odds when calling an initial small bet in no-limit hold’em can be huge — much greater than in a limit stud game. In limit, with the size of the largest bet limited to no more than twice that of the initial bet, those implied odds are going to be considerably smaller than in the no-limit game. This means players are generally much tighter earlier in the betting in a limit game than in a no-limit game, lacking the implied odds for a loose call.

    Similarly, it means that players should be looser with their calls at the end i.e., on the river or seventh street in a limit game than in a no-limit game. This is because of the typically much greater pot odds on the river in a limit game versus a no-limit game. Most of the time in limit games, the size of the pot relative to that of the single limited bet is much larger than in a no-limit game where the single bet can equal or even exceed the size of the pot. In short, players typically get much better pot odds to make a final-round call in a limit game than in a no-limit game.


BRIEF-Sportech Says Signs U.S Sports Betting Platform Agreement With Sportradar AG

May 31 Reuters – Sportech PLC:






Stoke City Football Club is sponsored by bet365, an online sports betting firm.Nigel French WireAP file

The rise in remote gambling now allows British customers to change their bets or cash out during a game, poker domino and also make bets well beyond the final score, like the number of yellow cards issued, the time of the next goal or the number of free or corner kicks.

Viewers of soccer games on British commercial TV channels have been bombarded in recent years by half-time betting advertisements, including some offering live odds based on what’s already happened and what might happen.

While gambling-related ads are banned before 9 p.m. on British TV, largely so children aren’t exposed to them, sports broadcasts are exempt.

A study by the BBC found that in all matches aired across the main commercial soccer broadcasters, 95 percent of them featured at least one betting ad.

Sammy Ameobi, who plays for the Bolton Wanderers, climbs over an advertisement warning against the pitfalls of betting during a soccer game at Cardiff City Stadium on Feb. 13.Carl Recine Action Images file

While soccer players are prohibited from betting on games and endorsing such firms, some critics worry about the impact on young fans of having betting brands emblazoned across team uniforms and being bombarded by betting ads on TV.

“What most people are concerned with is how it might encourage children to identify with certain brands, or develop brand loyalty to these brands long before they’re even allowed to use these products,” said Carwyn Jones, a professor of sports ethics at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Tom Watson, an opposition lawmaker and the deputy leader of the Labour party, has even called for a ban on betting companies sponsoring U.K. soccer teams.


The availability of bets on seemingly minor outcomes within games has caused issues.

“What that creates is low-consequence opportunities for corruption,” Jones said. “So you can be corrupt without losing the game.”

Belmont Stakes 2018: Morning line odds, picks and how to bet on horse racing

Horse racing is still on the American sports radar with Justify going for the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes.

If you want to get in on the action, good news: Betting on horse racing is legal across the United States, so you won’t have a problem getting picks down online.

MORE: How to watch the 2018 Belmont

A parimutuel system is used in horse racing, which is different from betting on a basketball or football game against a point spread in Las Vegas. Bettors aren’t wagering against the bookie or house, but against each other, and the house takes a cut. So these numbers could change plenty between now and post time. It also means odds aren’t fixed at the time of the bet.

Belmont odds, post positions

Here are the post positions and morning line odds for the Belmont field, according to Vegas Insider. The morning line odds will be updated before the race.

Post Horse ML Odds 1 Justify 45 2 Free Drop Billy 301 3 Bravazo 81 4 Hofburg 92 5 Restoring Hope 301 6 Gronkowski 121 7 Tenfold 121 8 Vino Rosso 81 9 Noble Indy 301 10 Blended Citizen 151

*Morning Line Odds created by Belmont Park Head Oddsmaker Eric Donovan as of June 9.

Belmont picks

Vinnie Iyer: Justify dominated the Derby and mudded to victory in the Preakness. daftar poker With three weeks to recover, its biggest challenge at the Belmont will be keeping up momentum through a daunting mile-and-a-half race.

MORE: Facts to know before picking a horse

Justify should have plenty of energy, being in the unique position of not having raced as a 2-year-old. It will be ready and it would be shocking if it’s not in great position to take the Belmont coming down the final stretch.

Win: Justify Place: Gronkowski Show: Vino Rosso

— V.I.

How to bet on horse racing

If you’re betting at a window, whether it be at Pimlico or your local track simulcasting the Preakness, say the name of the track, the number race you’re betting, how much you want to wager, the type of wager and the numbers post positions of the horses you’re including in your bet.

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Horse racing wager types

There are tons of different ways to bet on a horse race, but here are some of the most common and ones you’ll likely hear about come Preakness time on Saturday.

— Win, place, show, or first, second and third. When you bet on the winner, you simply get the horse at its odds and if it wins, you cash that amount. So $10 on a horse at 12-to-1 nets you $120. If you bet on a horse to “place,” or come in second, the payout is less, and same goes for “show.”

Sports betting is coming to America. Here’s what it looks like in Britain.

Mark Potter, 37, a former professional rugby player, says his gambling addiction started with a visit to a so-called high-street bookmaker — the legal shops that appear on Britain’s equivalent of Main Street.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was that I sold my wife’s engagement ring and sold my kids’ stuff to gamble with,” Potter told NBC News.

Potter says that “very low point” was preceded by “stealing money, and getting arrested for committing fraud.” He also lost his job.

“I carried on betting, that didn’t make me want to stop,” said Potter, who lives in the northwest of England and now works for a company that educates athletes about the risk of gambling. “If you’re a problem gambler, you’ll always find a way to place a bet.”

Those issues have been exacerbated by another modern trend in the industry. Despite high-street bookies being a traditional hub for sports betting since the 1960s, most are now dominated by highly addictive fixed-odds betting terminals.

A type of electronic slot machine, situs judi online the betting terminals are accused of targeting some of the most vulnerable people in British society and contributing to the growing number of problem gamblers.

Customers are currently able to bet up to £100 $133 every 20 seconds playing virtual games of roulette or bingo on fixed-odds betting terminals. The U.K. government last month announced that the maximum stake would be reduced from £100 to £2 in 2019. Peter NichollsReuters file

Marriott, the council member who represents the left-leaning Labour party, also expressed concerns about how betting has evolved in recent years.

“My grandad use to go to the betting shops to place a bet on the horses, but now it’s very different,” Marriott said. “That’s very different to going to a betting shop, and just standing there and pressing a button … and then winning or losing money in massive amounts. It’s almost not the same thing.”


Cellphones have also changed Britain’s sports betting industry.

Remote gambling using apps or websites as opposed to high-street shops is now a £4.7 billion $6.3 billion a year industry. It accounts for 34 percent of the entire U.K. betting market, a proportion that is growing all the time.

Nine of the 20 soccer teams in the English Premier League have jerseys sponsored by online betting firms from around the world; East Ham’s soccer team, West Ham United, is one of them. Most teams also have official betting partners.

UK racing making out like bandits under new betting Levy scheme

The UK’s racing industry is raking in record sums after the government rejigged the mandatory race betting Levy to compel contributions from online gambling operators.

On Friday, the British Horseracing ity BHA, Horsemen’s Group and Racecourse Association agreed on the structure of a new body that will oversee responsibility for the distribution of Levy proceeds as of April 2019.

In January 2017, the UK government announced that it would dismantle the Horserace Betting Levy Board while confirming plans to require all betting operators — particularly the internationally-based betting sites of UK companies – to contribute 10% of their race betting revenue to the Levy scheme.

The new Levy setup was expected to dramatically up racing’s share of betting revenue and the BHA’s Friday announcement confirms that assumption. While the old Levy brought in £54.5m for racing in 2015-16, the BHA said it expects the 2017-18 haul “will exceed £90 million and possibly reach £95 million.”

But hold off popping the champagne corks, as the BHA believes its new bounty is already under threat from the government’s recent decision to slash the maximum stakes on fixed-odds betting terminals FOBT in UK betting shops from £100 to just £2.

The BHA had warned in January that the move “would have unintended consequences to British racing and the wider rural economy.” Bookmakers are expected to close many of their betting shops, situs judi bola which will not only impact race betting revenue but also media rights that are based on the number of shops airing race coverage.

Last month, the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport sent a letter to BHA chairman Steve Harman acknowledging the racing sector’s concerns and stating that the government was willing to work with the BHA to “look at how a Levy on global racing bets placed in Britain could work within the current framework.”

In short, UK bookmakers could be compelled to ante up 10% of their betting revenue on horseraces conducted in other countries, including Ireland. The BHA’s own estimates suggest this could cost bookies an additional £15-20m per year. The BHA is also examining whether a tax on race betting turnover, rather than revenue, would increase its share of the pie.

Tune in next week, when the BHA suggests it deserves a cut from World Cup wagering because the ball is made of leather.

While Jones said the gambling industry maintains such betting has “no negative impact,” he added, “There’s been a huge increase in gambling profits … and there suddenly seems to be a huge increase in problem gambling across the population.”

Sunderland academic backs gambling changes to reduce maximum stakes fixed-odds betting machines

A Sunderland psychologist has welcomed moves to reduce gambling stakes.

Dr Helen Knight, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Sunderland said gamblers have a primal need to chase the loss which has led to North East gamblers losing millions of pounds on controversial Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals.

The Government recently stepped in to reduce the maximum stake that can be gambled on the FOBT machines, often found in bookmakers across the UK.

The intervention comes amid concerns that North East gamblers are losing massive sums on the terminals, dubbed the ‘crack-cocaine of gambling’.

Currently, people can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on the electronic casino games, which Culture Secretary Matt Hancock labelled “a serious social blight”.

Reports suggest in the North East alone, gamblers lost a total of £43m to FOBTs in 2016. Over the past decade, the figure is estimated to be around £300m.

Dr Knight, said: “This is a very positive step by the government. If you look at the industry statistics, which you can find readily available on the Gambling Commission’s website, gaming machines, which include Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals, made a total gross yield of £2.7 billion, which was a 2.6% increase from the previous year.”

Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals are gaming machines which allow people to play virtual games at a terminal in the betting shop.

There are two categories of games available on the gaming machines betting shops are allowed. B3 games have a maximum stake of £2 whilst B2 games have a maximum stake of £100.

Dr Knight, said: “The psychology behind gambling is really interesting, and unfortunately, agen sbobet the gambling industry plays into many of these aspects of human behaviour.

“The leading theory relates to the idea that we learn to gamble. Conditioning is a concept wherein we learn to behave in certain ways via rewards and punishments.”

She said in gamling the positive rewards would be winning money when we win.

Dr Knight, added: “In addition, for machine gambling there is also often a cascade of bright lights, happy sounds and visual praise which adds to that positive reward.”

She said people who are stressed or worried can ofter lose these feelings when they are playing on gaming machines.

Also, she said humans are very immediate creatures, and the punishments from gambling, such as loss of job and family, do not occur immediately after placing a bet.”

On top of all of this, Dr Knight says that winning on betting machines activates the brain in a certain way.

She said: “Winning produces activation in a network of the brain called the mesolimbic dopamine reward network.

“This network has been vital for humans, evolutionarily speaking. We get a biological reward for engaging in certain behaviours which have helped us to survive and

reproduce – behaviours like eating and sexual activity. The problem is that winning a bet also produces activation in this same network.”